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Are you looking for top-notch Shoring, Demolition, Excavation and Helical Piles installation in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and beyond? If you need excellent site solutions for your residential or commercial project, then Shore-Con is the name you can trust. At Shore-Con, we are dedicated to offering the best possible, demolition, excavation and shoring services across Toronto and the GTA. Whether you are a contractor, developer, business, or homeowner- we offer Demolition, Excavation, Shoring, and Helical Piles installation services to varied clients  across the GTA. We understand that each project has unique requirements. That is why our team of experts pays close attention to each project and goes the extra mile for all clients to ensure their complete satisfaction. Our goal is to handle every project with professionalism, from start to completion.

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Demolition Contractors in Toronto & the GTA

When it comes to demolition, we are the experts Toronto and the GTA can rely on! At Shore-Con, we have...

Excavation Contractors in Toronto & the GTA

As the Excavation and Shoring experts, Shore-Con takes pride in offering top-notch excavation services to Toronto and the Greater Toronto...

Shoring Contractors in Toronto & GTA

If you are looking for an experienced shoring contractor, look no further! At Shore-Con, we specialize in offering shoring and...

Caisson Contractor in Toronto & GTA

If your construction project calls for caissons, we are here to help! At Shore-Con, we offer shoring and caisson solutions...

Piling Contractors - Helical Piles

Are you looking to install helical piles, or screws, piers, and anchors? Whether you’re building a new house or need...

Retaining Wall Contractors in Toronto & the GTA

When it comes to enhancing the look and functionality of your landscaping design and property, constructing retaining walls is the...

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