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Shore-Con is proud to be servicing the city of Richmond Hill and its surrounding communities and is the only company to offer complete site solutions to bring your project to the framing stage, efficiently, safely, on time and on budget. With years of professional experience in demolition, excavation and shoring across the area under our belt, there is no better choice for a shoring company in Richmond Hill than Shore-Con.

No job is too large for our skilled team of contractors to handle and we will gladly take on large-scale or complex projects. From downtown Richmond Hill and Bayview Glen to Elgin Mills and Oak Ridges, we service the entire Richmond Hill and the GTA. We strive to get all our work done on time and on budget. Being safe and efficient is important to us too, and all our staff undergo rigorous training that enables them to utilize the latest demolition and shoring technology for maximum efficiency and security.

Our Services

As a full-service shoring and excavation company, we take pride in giving our clients everything they need in one spot. From arranging permits to on-site assessments, our fully-inclusive service gives you comprehensive, one-stop solutions in Richmond Hill for shoring, demolition, excavation and more.

Discover our range of services in Richmond Hill below:


Shore-Con has a leading reputation for delivering exceptional shoring solutions across the Greater Toronto Area. Our shoring contractors in Richmond Hill are experts in the field, utilizing only the best techniques to construct vertical shoring walls that offer maximum support for a building and wall. We know just how important safety is in construction. Our shoring contractors are dedicated to building a solid shoring system that will both facilitate construction and significantly improve on-site safety. 

Learn more about our shoring services in Richmond Hill.


Whether you are in need of a commercial, industrial or whole-home demolition, our team is here to help. We handle large-scale demolition tasks with ease, including everything from complete property teardowns to factory demolitions. Most importantly, you can rely on our demolition contractors and services in Richmond Hill to manage your entire project for you. We take care and responsibility of everything to provide a secure, efficient and timely demolition of your property.

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Excavation is at the heart of any construction project and we know just how important it is to get it right the first time around for the sake of timeliness and safety. Our excavation services in Richmond Hill include site analysis and preparation, cleaning, drainage, and erosion control. No excavation project is ever too large for our excavation contractors and we will gladly assist with mass excavation needs. 

Learn more about our excavation services in Richmond Hill.

Other Services

From shotcrete and concreting to underpinning, our team of construction professionals are able to assist your project in a wide variety of ways. Our other services in Richmond Hill include:

Obtain The Solution for Your Project with Shore-Con

Finding the right provider for your shoring, excavation, demolition or concrete needs might seem like a daunting task. But with Shore-Con, you can obtain everything your business needs for your demolition or construction project. You can rely on our trusted reputation, our dedication to safety and our passion for efficient and quality work. We strive to support all our clients across Richmond Hill and the GTA with the exceptional level of service they deserve.

If you are in need of a shoring, excavation, or demolition service in Richmond Hill, contact us today. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have about our services. We look forward to learning more about working on your project.


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