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If your construction project calls for caissons, we are here to help! At Shore-Con, we offer excellent caissons and shoring solutions for a variety of applications. As a leader in the foundation and shoring industry, we have become proficient in offering drilled caissons and shoring systems.

What are Caissons?

Caissons, are large holes drilled deep in the ground for foundation elements and are usually reinforced with steel cages. Reinforced steel is placed in the hole, and new concrete is poured. The purpose of caissons is to support heavy, concentrated loads such as bridges, highways, high-rise buildings and more.

Caissons can be constructed using mud drilling, cased, or open holes. As an excavation support system, caisson walls are constructed by vertically drilled holes to form an interlocking secant wall. It helps in building a rigid shoring system by holding back lose material or caving soils, and offers strength and stability in massive projects and that makes them a great option for residential engineering applications and hillside retaining walls.

About Our Caisson Solutions in Toronto & the GTA

At Shore-Con, our goal is to ensure the safety of your construction site by offering quality workmanship. Our caisson construction services are designed to suit the specific needs and visions of each client. We strive to offer excellent services from the start of a project to its completion.

As a reliable caisson construction company in Toronto & the GTA, when we work on any project, we start by first discussing the plan with the client, architect, and engineers. We also provide a breakdown for each phase or element of the work, as well as the preliminary budget and schedule. During the construction process, we use specialized drillers and all the necessary equipment to conform to your engineering design specifications. Our team has the experience, engineering knowledge, and heavy-duty equipment needed to construct high-quality caissons.

Find Caissons Solutions for Your Projects with Shore-Con

If you are interested in using our caisson construction solutions in Toronto or the GTA, get in touch with our team or request a quote from us today. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our service and look forward to learning more about your project.

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