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If your construction project calls for caissons, we are here to help! At Shore-Con, we offer shoring and caisson solutions for a variety of applications. As a leading caisson consultant and caisson contractor in Toronto & the GTA, we are proficient in the most advanced techniques for drilled caissons and shoring systems.

What are Caissons?

Caissons are large holes drilled deep in the ground for foundation elements and are usually reinforced with steel cages. Reinforced steel is placed in the hole, and new concrete is poured around it so that the caisson can support heavy, concentrated loads such as bridges, highways, high-rise buildings and more.

How are Caissons Constructed?

Caissons can be constructed using mud drilling and cased or open holes. As an excavation support system, caisson walls are constructed by drilling holes vertically to form an interlocking secant wall. This helps create a rigid shoring system that holds back loose material and caving soils, offering strength and stability in massive projects. This makes caisson solutions a great option for residential engineering applications and hillside retaining walls.

Why Choose Drilled Caissons for Your Project?

Foundation drilling and caisson solutions offer unique advantages that make them a preferred choice for even the most challenging construction projects in Toronto and the GTA

  • Unmatched Strength: Caisson foundations are engineered to support heavy loads, providing a stable base that reduces the risk of shifting or settling over time, ideal for high-rise buildings and large structures.
  • Outstanding Durability: Built to reach stable ground even in unstable soil conditions, drilled caissons prevent common issues like water infiltration and soil erosion for dependable stability.
  • Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness: Despite a higher initial investment, the durability and reduced maintenance of caisson foundations offer cost savings over the life of a structure.
  • Versatility and Efficiency: The adaptable design of caisson solutions allows for customization to your project needs and efficiency in the project timelines.
  • Superior to Traditional Foundations: Traditional methods may be enough for less demanding projects, but drilled caisson foundations provide reliability and safety where it matters most, especially in challenging environments.

About Our Caisson Solutions in Toronto & the GTA

At Shore-Con, our goal is to ensure the safety of your construction site by offering quality workmanship. Our caisson consultant and caisson construction services are designed to suit the specific needs and visions of each of our clients. We do everything we can to offer a suite of expert services that exceed expectations from the start of a project to its completion.

Our Process

When we work on any project, we begin by first discussing the plan with the client, architect, and engineers, where we provide a breakdown of each phase or element of the work, as well as the preliminary budget and schedule. During the construction process, we use specialized drillers and all the necessary equipment to conform to your engineering design specifications. As a reliable caisson contractor in Toronto & the GTA, our team has the experience, engineering knowledge, and heavy-duty equipment needed to construct high-quality drilled caissons.

Drilled Caissons Solutions for Projects in Toronto & the GTA

If you are interested in learning more about our caisson contractor services in Toronto and the GTA, contact our team or request a quote today. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and look forward to learning more about your project!

Caisson FAQs

You might still have questions about how Shore-Con can specifically address your project needs. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to provide further clarity.

Why use a caisson?

Caissons are used for their ability to provide deep, stable foundation support in challenging conditions, such as soft soil, high water tables, or near water bodies. They distribute loads effectively to ensure durability and minimize environmental impact.

How long does the construction of a caisson foundation in Toronto take?

The timeline for caisson foundation construction varies based on project scale, soil conditions, and design complexity. The experts at Shore-Con will be able to provide a detailed timeline for your project.

Can caisson foundations be used for residential projects?

Yes, caisson foundations are an excellent choice for residential projects, especially in areas with challenging soil conditions or where additional structural support is required, such as hillside homes.

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