Environmental Remediation in Toronto & the GTA

Environmental Remediation in Toronto & the GTA Services in Greater Toronto Area

As the leading remediation contractor, we provide efficient and cost-effective environmental solutions to construction and land development clients.

At Shore-Con, we offer site remediation services across Toronto and the GTA that include UST removal, Contaminated Soil Removal, as well as Site Decommissioning. Our team can assist you in dealing with site contamination issues and find the most cost-effective solutions for your needs. We have performed a large number of remediation projects, including large-scale residential development projects, as well as commercial site remediation.

Our remediation specialists can work on complex industrial sites to create new, fully-integrated green spaces for construction projects. At Shore-Con, we stay up to date on new remediation techniques to adequately meet clients’ specific needs. We also make sure to adhere to the most stringent environmental regulations.

Our Environmental Remediation Solutions for Toronto and the GTA

Our team is fully equipped to provide excavation, demolition, environmental remediation, and site preparation services for commercial and residential projects. We have extensive experience in all aspects of excavation and disposal of contaminated soils. Our team works closely with residential clients, commercial and industrial developers, engineers, and architects to develop the most effective solution for site preparation. This process involves site review, analysis of water-table levels, soil make-up, drainage, ponds, or erosion control.

Our Total Site Decommissioning Services

We provide Total Site Decommissioning services to prepare your site for any development project. Our work is not finished until the site comes in its original or better condition. As an expert in structural and interior demolition and decommissioning services, we ensure that the site is properly decontaminated, backfilled with topsoil, graded, cleared, and returned to the owner for reuse.

As an experienced remediation specialist, we can also help you with UST removal. Our team is proficient in performing the removal of underground storage tanks (USTs) and aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) for industrial and public sector clients. We have the experience and equipment inventory to complete projects that involve soil excavation, underground storage tank removal, site decommissioning, and contaminated soil removal.

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