Retaining Wall Contractors in Toronto & the GTA

Retaining Wall Contractors in Toronto & the GTA Services in Greater Toronto Area

When it comes to enhancing the look and functionality of your landscaping design and property, constructing retaining walls is the best option. A retaining wall not only holds back earth but also gives a great look to the building’s exterior. As a certified retaining wall contractor in Toronto, we can build retaining walls that perform well and look great. Building a retaining wall within a property is also important to retain the ground behind the wall and protect it from erosion or landslide. 

Retaining Wall Solutions for Toronto & the GTA

At Shore-Con, we offer custom retaining wall solutions across Toronto & the GTA that address the existing limitations of a site. When we build your retaining wall, we make sure that water will infuse away from the foundation. Our team is capable of handling various types of retaining wall installation projects.

With years of experience in the foundation and construction industry, we have become capable of dealing with all the challenges and complexities associated with building retaining wall systems. We utilize the most effective techniques and advanced equipment to deliver a long-lasting and functional retaining wall.

Retaining Walls for Any Property

Whether you prefer natural stone or man-made blocks, we make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Our retaining wall solutions offer aesthetic appeal, as well as security. We have the knowledge to use the best building material that looks good and creates a strong barrier from the elements like wind and water. Experts at Shore-Con have wealth of knowledge to use the most suitable products that are capable of bearing a specific load.

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Our experienced tradesmen can install retaining walls across various types of properties in Toronto and the GTA. We will also suggest you the most optimum retaining wall solution by considering several factors like your foundation soil, presence of water and hydrostatic loads, external loads from structures, and more. We deliver customized retaining wall solutions that suit the specific needs of our clients. We make sure that the soil is being retained and your aesthetic and budget requirements are fulfilled.

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