Sewer Contractors in Toronto & the GTA

Sewer Contractors in Toronto & the GTA Services in Greater Toronto Area

If you need professional sewer lines installation or replacement services, we can help you! At Shore-Con, we offer sewer services for residential and commercial construction projects across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We provide a wide range of sewer related services such as installations, inspections, and replacements.

About Our Sewer Installation Services in Toronto & the GTA

Shore-Con installs new sewers for various construction projects. Our sewer professionals are familiar with all state and federal specifications and regulations regarding the installation of new sewer lines. We make sure that your new installation is as per the National Plumbing Code of Canada. We also have experience in new water line installation and our services comply with all state and federal regulations regarding the installation of new water lines.

We also work with site builders to provide impeccable sewer line installation services for new homes and commercial construction projects. When installing a new sewer system, our team considers factors like your layout, as well as special ground conditions and erosion. We will identify where you need sewer work the most and make sure that you’re completely satisfied with the job.

Even if your water or sewer line has become old and damaged to the point where a repair job is not possible, our team can help you. We offer new sewer installation services, as well as a complete replacement of the lines. Our team can replace the lines to modernize the plumbing system within your home. We use advanced techniques to identify your plumbing problems and quickly get your sewer and drain systems running efficiently.

Choose Shore-Con for Your Sewer Installation Needs

We understand that installing a sewer line is a significant investment. To make sure that you get quality sewer installation services, we will keep you informed about the process, as well as minimize property damage and health risks. If you have an aging, cracked or corroded sewer or water line, Shore-Con experts can solve your problems. Our sewer service experts in Toronto and the GTA utilize the latest cameras and GPS technology to find and map the precise locations of sewers and pipelines. For replacing the damaged system, we use video inspection equipment to identify your issues.

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