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Underpinning Contractors Services in Greater Toronto Area

If you need to repair your damaged foundation or want to renovate your basement, underpinning is the best solution. As the foundation experts, we provide the most efficient underpinning services. Our underpinning specialists can do their job safely under the most challenging and complex conditions.

About Our Underpinning Services in Toronto & the GTA

At Shore-Con, we can help you excavate under your home’s existing foundations. By extending the foundations to a new depth, we help homeowners to maximize the size, as well as the strength of their home. Even if you are looking to add stories to your existing home, underpinning is necessary to prepare your home for a heavier load. You may also consider underpinning to avoid problems of a sinking foundation in the future. When we perform underpinning, we make sure that it helps in strengthening the structure of your existing houses to make it more safe and durable for decades to come.

How Underpinning Works

Underpinning is the most viable solution to repair, strengthen, or increase the depth of an existing foundation. This process involves lowering the footing to allow it to rest on more supportive soil. Whether you are planning to add depth in your basement or a new building with a big basement is recently constructed adjacent or nearby your home, you need underpinning services. Our team can also help you if you have noticed signs of failing foundation like cracks in the walls, windows, and doorways. Underpinning involves excavation which is a labor-intensive and complex task. However, we have the required manpower and equipment to strengthen your building’s foundation and prevent it from collapsing.

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Shore-Con underpinning experts can perform underpinning to either enlarge the existing foundations or to improve the soil properties beneath the foundations without causing any disturbances to the building at all. We can help you increase foundation depth, as well as repair your faulty foundation. Our team can help you make your unusable basement into a livable part of your home.

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