Underground Water Line Services

Underground Water Line Services Services in Greater Toronto Area

Shore-Con offers efficient and reliable water line installation services in Toronto and the GTA for commercial and residential projects. When we install your water line, you can get clean water at acceptable pressure. We also make sure to eliminate the problem of sediments or rust particles in the water. We use robust aluminum water lines for underground water line service.

Our team can also help you upgrade plumbing to eliminate low water pressure in your home. In addition to this, experts at Shore-Con can install copper pipes and help you eliminate galvanized leaking pipes. Whether you’re looking to solve a weak water pressure problem or need to eliminate lead concentration, we are here to help.

We provide complete water line installation and water supply line upgrade services at competitive rates. To provide you the best possible solution, our team will first examine your situation to deliver a perfect water solution for your needs.

How Our Waterline Installation & Replacement Services Work

When it comes to installing or replacing damaged water lines, there are two methods– excavation and trenchless. Excavation involves digging the needed area to install a replacement line. Once the line is installed, the lawn or the excavated area is returned to its original or even better condition.

The second option is trenchless- a No-Dig installation method. In this type of installation, a torpedo is launched underground with your new line. It doesn’t involve digging but this method is not always feasible. The right method for your property will depend on your soil type, trees on the property, and other underground elements that can obstruct the installation.

When you hire us, our team will carefully assess your property layout and other factors to determine the best option for your particular situation. Over time, the water supply pipe may also get corroded, damaged, and rusted. You may also experience lower water pressure due to the sediments, debris, and smudge deposits. To avoid these issues, we can help you upgrade the water supply system of your building. Our team can handle water line installation and drain waste vent systems.

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